Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top Ten Most Underrated Moves In Pokemon (10-6)

If there's fanboys in the gaming world, there's gonna be things that go unnoticed. There's a HUUUGE fanboy following for Pokemon. With this, there's going to be things overrated, leaving space for things to become underrated. In this case, moves. Hyper Beam would be a thing that's overrated. But let's look at the underrated part, the part that's actually good but is not as widely used as it should be.

Number 10: Confuse Ray
Wow. Confuse ray is not bad. It's got 100 accuracy, a good 10 PP and the defending Pokemon becomes confused. WAAAY better than swagger. I guess the reason we don't see much of confuse ray is because it's mostly a level up move. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T GET RID OF CONFUSE RAY. It's very good. Very annoying to the foe as well. My Crobat's moveset is Sludge Bomb, Poison Fang, Fly, and Confuse Ray. It's the staple move of any troller in a team and should be used more often for how good it is.

Number 9: Silver Wind

Silver wind does lose points in some categories, but is pretty much amazing all around. Not many people go on and on about how good silver wind is, but it really is pretty good. It has 100 accuracy, 60 power, decent for a bug type move, and 10% of the time, it raises all of your stats. Only downside is only having 5 PP. Silver wind pretty much goes well with any specialization you're looking for, it boosts and does some modest damage.

Number 8: Leech Seed
Leech seed is a move some grass Pokemon learn at a low level. Remember to keep this gem of a move if you want to make a Pokemon a healer/supporter. Leech seed is incredibly annoying for your opponent and incredibly helpful for you. It drains 1/8 of the seeded Pokemon's maximum health and returns it to you. Effectively limiting that Pokemon's life to 8 turns. Then, just put up a light screen and reflect and giga drain away. Leech seed is versatile too. You could use it with disable, mean look, and giga drain to stop you foe in any way to escape the deadly leech seed. Not many people have this move in their party though and just delete it to make room for giga drain. Giga drain is good, but it's not as versatile and you don't gain health every turn after you use it in battle. On a last note, Leech seed is boss. NUFF SED.

Number 7: Helping Hand
Yes... Yes, I like helping hand. The average player would say: THIS SUCKS! I CAN'T USE IT IN SINGLE BATTLES AND IT DOES NOTHING WHEN I USE IT!

You are very wrong if you said something like that! Helping hand boosts the power of an ally's move by 50% and stacks the effect in triple battles for double damage! V-Create with 1 helping hand equals a move with 270 power. PRACTICALLY A ONE HIT-KILL. I don't know about you, but I'm going to get a Plusle and a Minun just for this in triple battles to pump up my Heatran's lava plume to the strength more than a hyper beam to everyone on the field!

But yeah... the sad part is you can't use it in single battles.

Number 6: Facade
Facade is a pretty nice move that comes from the normal type. The whole deal is that its power doubles from 70 (which is decent already) to 140 if the user has a major status ailment. Not many people use this just because its seen as a regular physical attack move, with above average power. Not many look into the advantages of Facade. A Pokemon with guts and facade is a great combo. If that Pokemon is paralyzed and uses facade, it attacks with 140 power and the user's attack is boosted from guts. Facade is probably one of the most useful attacks you can have under your belt using status ailments to your advantage. Too bad not many use it.

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