Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top Ten Most Underrated Moves In Pokemon (10-6)

If there's fanboys in the gaming world, there's gonna be things that go unnoticed. There's a HUUUGE fanboy following for Pokemon. With this, there's going to be things overrated, leaving space for things to become underrated. In this case, moves. Hyper Beam would be a thing that's overrated. But let's look at the underrated part, the part that's actually good but is not as widely used as it should be.

Number 10: Confuse Ray
Wow. Confuse ray is not bad. It's got 100 accuracy, a good 10 PP and the defending Pokemon becomes confused. WAAAY better than swagger. I guess the reason we don't see much of confuse ray is because it's mostly a level up move. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T GET RID OF CONFUSE RAY. It's very good. Very annoying to the foe as well. My Crobat's moveset is Sludge Bomb, Poison Fang, Fly, and Confuse Ray. It's the staple move of any troller in a team and should be used more often for how good it is.

Number 9: Silver Wind

Silver wind does lose points in some categories, but is pretty much amazing all around. Not many people go on and on about how good silver wind is, but it really is pretty good. It has 100 accuracy, 60 power, decent for a bug type move, and 10% of the time, it raises all of your stats. Only downside is only having 5 PP. Silver wind pretty much goes well with any specialization you're looking for, it boosts and does some modest damage.

Number 8: Leech Seed
Leech seed is a move some grass Pokemon learn at a low level. Remember to keep this gem of a move if you want to make a Pokemon a healer/supporter. Leech seed is incredibly annoying for your opponent and incredibly helpful for you. It drains 1/8 of the seeded Pokemon's maximum health and returns it to you. Effectively limiting that Pokemon's life to 8 turns. Then, just put up a light screen and reflect and giga drain away. Leech seed is versatile too. You could use it with disable, mean look, and giga drain to stop you foe in any way to escape the deadly leech seed. Not many people have this move in their party though and just delete it to make room for giga drain. Giga drain is good, but it's not as versatile and you don't gain health every turn after you use it in battle. On a last note, Leech seed is boss. NUFF SED.

Number 7: Helping Hand
Yes... Yes, I like helping hand. The average player would say: THIS SUCKS! I CAN'T USE IT IN SINGLE BATTLES AND IT DOES NOTHING WHEN I USE IT!

You are very wrong if you said something like that! Helping hand boosts the power of an ally's move by 50% and stacks the effect in triple battles for double damage! V-Create with 1 helping hand equals a move with 270 power. PRACTICALLY A ONE HIT-KILL. I don't know about you, but I'm going to get a Plusle and a Minun just for this in triple battles to pump up my Heatran's lava plume to the strength more than a hyper beam to everyone on the field!

But yeah... the sad part is you can't use it in single battles.

Number 6: Facade
Facade is a pretty nice move that comes from the normal type. The whole deal is that its power doubles from 70 (which is decent already) to 140 if the user has a major status ailment. Not many people use this just because its seen as a regular physical attack move, with above average power. Not many look into the advantages of Facade. A Pokemon with guts and facade is a great combo. If that Pokemon is paralyzed and uses facade, it attacks with 140 power and the user's attack is boosted from guts. Facade is probably one of the most useful attacks you can have under your belt using status ailments to your advantage. Too bad not many use it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

iOS Review- Tactical Warrior

Hi everyone, quick update before I get to the meat of this post. Top 17 Pokemon Types has been scrapped, but I have began development on a new Pokemon countdown to satisfy, Top 10 underrated moves in Pokemon. Sorry about less frequent updates. I got a life, remember? I sort of have school too... Lol. Anyway, time to get into business...

I've hardly seen any good adventuring party games on the iPhone. Besides Battleheart, Heroes vs. Monsters, and few others. Tactical warrior is as good as it gets. It goes for normally $1.99 on the app store, but this game goes on sale for free a lot for some reason... Besides the price and being a creative fire emblem-esque RPG, it still stands alone on innovation. There's quite a few classes to train and an incredible amount of moves each character can learn to your pleasure; it's a very custom growth on each character. Classes you may control and level up range from badgers to bare-chested barbarians. I need to get to the analysis though to actually get past my editorializing.

Gameplay (8.7): Wow. Very reminding of Fire Emblem. The premise is you start out with a small party of warriors, trying to prove themselves in a world of war. On the way, warriors join you to increase your team's power and size. On the map, you fight battles to level up your warriors and to give you wealth of items. Although you cannot replay a battle after it is beaten, which bothers me, not allowing me to level up my dudes before a boss, leaving me to work with what I got. The combat is turn-based. Each warrior may move a certain number of spaces each turn, attack, and/or rest. It's a square grid battlefield so the amount of space each warrior takes up is the same. Very classic gameplay, engaging, and always leaving me wanting to make Beef the barbarian an overly leveled tank. If you like any strategy, war, or board game, you'll applaud this game. Only a few problems in this department, such as not being able to beat a boss and having no ability to get stronger before and not really many intuitive maps. There's no weather effects or any spaces comparable to lava. They could have added to this. Also, the two player doesn't allow you to use your campaign teams and there's no internet multiplayer. A let down that needs to be changed, and still is changeable. What is still being offered at the moment is no question good though.

Graphics (6): Errr... bad. It looks like something made in ms paint. Shading is  nice and the game has a unique art style, but the animations are stock and the sprites are static, giving a feeling of lifelessness. There needs to be changes in this section. But I do like the style, it's just done badly.

Music (7.3): Loops are not bad and give a sense of heroic inspiration. Kind of short loops though. Sounds with hits and bashes are stock, but as expected from a one man development team. Not bad, but not good.

Control (9.5): Nice solid controls. Nothing amazing about them, but definitely minimal things bad. Such as the shops on the map, they're very tiny and it's kind of hard to select them with all of the locations bunched up together on the map.

Fun (9.2): Much fun is to be had here on this app. Very enjoyable, and just as it gets repetitive, a new mechanic or battle type is introduced.

I love this game and am very into it. It's pretty addictive and it is very fun to be introduced with new classes of warriors that can be customized 1,000 different ways than the last. It's not for everyone though. If you're particularly intro realistic graphics, multiplayer, and if you hate turn-based battle, don't get this app. Although, if you're looking for nostalgia, if you want a nice combat RPG, this app is for you. This is Jeff for 1-UP Games, catchya on teh flepsied. :D

Thursday, October 18, 2012

PS2 Review: Tony Hawk's Underground

Auuugghh maaan... It's been a long time. Mostly because I'm busy with my life and I'm gaming so I have new material to write 'bout. Updates are Farticus is still being worked on, I'm starting yet another game project and a long awaited Pokemon Countdown is sadly still in the works. But I'd like to thank you all for reading my opinions. It really makes me feel good that other people enjoy reading my reviews and other forms of media. So thanks to the fans that keep coming to cheer me on in development of my stuff. Nuff of that though. Starting on something I should have played long ago...

Tony Hawk's Underground for the PS2 is a can't miss and is a minor reason for why you should buy the system alone. On that note, you probably think this is going to be a fanboy review. Trust me; I hated the game at points and couldn't get enough of it at others. But more on topic, Tony Hawk's Underground was an installment of the Tony Hawk skating game series that made Mr. Hawk incredibly rich and inspired many to go sever many a limb on skateboards. The game itself is actually not just a promo disc, the game is very entertaining and has a open-world feel to it. Unlike the previous games of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, this game is centered around you: a custom skater going from ghetto in Jersey, to a pro in Vancouver. I picked up this gem at the old Gamestop the other day for only 3 bucks. More than worth it my friend, I felt as if I was going to zero to hero as I progressed. But now it's breakdown time.

Gameplay (8.9): THUG keeps the gameplay of THPS but provides a freer feel and has an actual story this time. The levels are decently sized, but the negative is anytime you're on a huge combo and you accidently go out of bounds... Bye bye big score. I felt as if the levels were not large enough, but maybe I'm just being a little too critical. Where there's space in any of the 9+ levels, expect for there to be more just waiting to be uncovered in a gigantic combo. It also seems the locations were designed to be skated on... I mean, who has a ramp going up the side of skyscraper? I'll shut up for now on that though. The whole way you progress through the game is doing somewhat tedious tasks in certain areas. The only way the set in stone tasks feel fresh is making you do them in different locations. For example on the tasks, there's only about a few key tasks which code is ran over and over; collecting letters, collecting objects, big combos, big scores, preforming tricks asked and beating the clock. Even in the Create-a-park mode (which needs work but is cool) they let you create tasks and give you the basic formula for each of these. I could go on and on but I'm going to stop because this is pretty long. You get the idea though that this game has tones of gameplay and tones of ways to play.

Graphics (7): They don't really look too good. They look a teeny bit blocky and deformed, even sometimes blurry, but they're below standard for '03.

Music (9.5): EERRRR MAAAH GEEERRRD. Soooo goood muusssiccc... There's quite a small soundtrack list though so it does get repetitive to hear Fu Manchu's California Crossing 3 times in 1 hour, but that doesn't keep it from being an amazing song to get the skating blood flowing. The menu sounds for buttons and collisions are used over and over in different areas, but no one really doesn't care if they're rocking out to the Dropkick Murphy's Time to Go.

Controls (9): The dualshock 2 controller exhibits the different categories of tricks perfectly. You will know by the end of your first day playing the game that Flip=Square. Though one finger will have to find its way onto more than one button at a time at times.

Fun (9.2): Indeed, but the reoccuring goals get to me, like the devs were just lazy in the development. But having the ability to create your own tricks, parks, boards, and skaters makes this game extremely fun for you artists out there.

Result: Overall... 8.7 (B+)
Your character's phony lips moving are painful to watch, as so are a few of the cutscenes. (The one about the tape, with the elbow to the face.) But that doesn't make this game unplayable what so ever. Graphics need some dusting off and the soundtrack needs a few MOAR hits, but this game is probably the greatest skate sim for an old console you'll find out there. And for only 3 bones, the cost should be the magnitude of a stocking stuffer on christmas, but something you'll find to have tones of fun and frustrations with.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Quick One: Top 5 Characters That Can't Catch a Break

Hai gais. To hold you over for the next one (a top 17) here's a quick un'. Yes I'm still making content, where have you been Willis? Anyway... here ya go.


Number 5: Steve
Steve is our beloved player avatar from Minecraft. When does he catch his breaks? Hardly. He mines all day, barely eats, and to top it off... his house is invaded by exploding zombies during the night. Steve sleeps in his bed in fear of the room above of him exploding, from our friend the creeper... SSSSSSSS.....

FUS... RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's okay Steve, your house was only made of dirt.

Number 4: Mario
Aah Mario. A nice platform game star from all eras of gaming. He really doesn't catch any breaks.
1. A giant turtle is always stealing his girlfriend.
2. New games and adventures for Mario to embark on are made practically every other day.
3. This:
In the original, Super Mario Bros. Toad tells you, after you work your butt off in a dark room, turn away your girlfriend, and don't eat for 3 days, "OUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!"


Number 3: Wander
Wander, from Shadow of The Colossus, has a life full of desperation and no rest. First, Wander's Lady friend dies and he loves her so much to go to the length of making a deal with the devil to get her back. But...
SPOILER ALERT! He ends up getting killed in the process, as well becoming possessed by the devil and turning into a baby, which his now live girl friend doesn't know who that baby is. Oh, and to top it off, his best friend supposedly dies and after he turns into a baby, shows up alive again. So he didn't get to say goodbye :(

Number 2: Sora
Sora may live on a tropical island and not have any schooling, but that goes awry. He is chosen to wield a keyblade, go on an overly long journey to save us from the "darkness" and kill every single heartless creature in sight. On top of this unwanted crap this lazy kid gets, his girlfriend is captured, his best friend is as well, and he is split up into 2 halves. Oh and the still-beating-heart, on top of the whipped turd on the crap sundae that is Sora's life, he deals... with GOOBY and DOLAN...
Y'know... if he wants darkness to go away... why not just turn a light on?

Number 1: Samus Aran
I really don't know much about Samus, but what the little I know about her tells her tale of a crappy and non resting life. Samus' parents were killed by space pirates and she was raised by creepy looking aliens. She lives off the money that she gains from killing people, her rival is a giant space pterodactyl, and she has a black evil twin. Just think about that... if you make a living by killing 1 person a day... it would take Samus 7 billion days to kill the whole world if we were all on a wanted list. That's a pretty sad existence. For one, I sure wouldn't wanna kill people in my daily work :)
She's purdy tho.

Thanks for continuing to read 1-Up Games stuff! I'll continue to work on my stuff for you! Thanks!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sorry for switching- Again! And other news :)

Hey... so umm remember how I said I'd be using flashdevelop to make games to put on the site? Well, I'm changing my flash engine again! I will now be using Stencyl to develop my flash games. Yeah, works the same as the other engines, just more game oriented. So in other news, the game for flash I'm working on now is called Farticus, Quest for the Throne. It's a 2D platformer that borrows gameplay from fantastic games of the SNES and mixes it with funny fart power mechanics that all will enjoy. There's no release date on this, but stay sharp, it'll be up soon. Finally, I'm working on a countdown for you all to enjoy. The Top 17 Pokemon Types!

Until next time, I'm Jeff. Cya!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Super Nintendo Review- Killer Instinct

I can see we're getting quite a few views! Yay! I'm happy that people like reading the stuff I put out on here, after all, I do work hard! Getting on, I received a very much awesome game that left me thinking "WHAT." after I played it. I got it from eBay, where I get most of my classic titles. This epic game is Killer Instinct for the Super Nintendo.

Killer Instinct was a 2D fighter in the 90's that hoped to ride off the success of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat in the 80's. It was made by Rareware, a quite amazing company that made many cult classics such as Conker's Bad Fur Day and Diddy Kong Racing. Strangely though, their name vanished from the good side of games in the early 2000's when Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was made. It's good though that Killer Instinct was one of the coolest games they've made though, before the... dark times of Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. Killer Instinct is my favorite of the 90's fighting game, with a tie of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat in second place. That means that it's a pretty darn good game. Here's the specifics.

Gameplay (9.1): Pretty solid gameplay for a 90's fighter. Innovation on the game was that there are no rounds to win, just 1. But each player gets 2 bars of health/energy, think of getting beaten to your second health bar as losing 50% of health or getting bloodied. Fights are timed,  and attacks are classified the same way as in street fighter, there's a weak kick/punch, a medium kick/punch, and a strong kick/punch. Progressively decreasing in speed with the power of the attack. There are 11 characters, each with a specific    move set holding to some basic rules. You may remember this game from the combo breaker meme, it is the bearer of the combo breaker meme. This  game's announcer takes its combos seriously. ULLLTRRRAA! SUPERRRRR COOMBO!!!!! K-K-K-K-KOMBO BREEEEAKAARR!!!! Not lying here bro. (But as I always say) Overall it's a derivative in combat to Street Fighter, and takes things like fatalities from Mortal Kombat. Things it could use are some of the things that it had in the arcade version. I feel a little gypped because I saw the arcade version compared to the SNES port, and the arcade version had a little more quality!

Graphics (9): For what it has to work with, Killer Instinct's port did a great job with graphics, almost looking 3D on 2D environments. Yet again though, the arcade version had 3D panning and zooming environments. So I feel like I could be playing something a little better when I do play Killer Instinct. But really, nice job on the graphics Rareware.

Music (8.6): Not very memorable because the music is constantly clouded by the rushing of punches and yelps of pain, but when you and your foe are at a stare down, it provides a "CRAP JUST GOT REAL." feeling. Good.

Controls (8.4): When I first played, I didn't know that L R were for weak punches and kicks. It's kind of an awkward place to keep punches and the controller feels a little crowded because you practically use every single button for some kind of action, but it makes up for it that you may change the controls in the menu to whatever you wish.

Fun (9.2): Awesome fun for parties, there's a tournament mode to battle everyone in a congregation, also a competitive 2 player mode that  feels great when you land a hit, but you reel in pain IRL when you get hit in the game. Very intense and great fun. Was the Super Smash Bros of its time. You can't play it forever though, it gets repetitive after a long time of playing, but that's only a small minus to a very fun game as this.

Result: Overall... 8.9/10 (B+)
Killer Instinct is a fine game that needs polish and maybe a little more bells and whistles. Not  much more to say but it's a great game. Get it if you love 2D fighters, liked the arcade version, or are just a classic gamer :).

Thanks for reading another 1-Up Games review. -Jeff

Sunday, August 5, 2012

iOS Review- Pocket Legends

Welcome to 1-Up's Pocket Legends review. Have you seen our new Pageview feature? It's pretty cool. Now having over 100 views, it's time for a special. I hope this site becomes legendary among gamers, so I'm reviewing quite a legendary game for iOS; POCKET LEGENDS. It's okay if you haven't heard of this game, it's becoming a legend as we speak, getting more popular and more popular. But here's my take on it.

Pocket Legends is a 3D MMO on the iPhone for hardcore hack'n slash gamers. It happens to be the world's largest MMO on your phone. The idea of it is the world of Alterra needs heroes to help the Elf Queen in battle against enemy forces. Kinda cliche, but nevertheless a decent plot for mobile RPG. Anyway, through a quirky and battle filled adventure, you have a fun time. Here's some specific points about the game now ;).

Gameplay (7.5/10): Gameplay is average on this game. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to run through dungeons while murdering zombies, but may become repetitive without trying to use new styles or not using new skills and armor and such.  The gameplay consists of creating your character's race, (which is automatically paired with a class) you may choose the Avian, the bird archer, the Elf, the long-earred mage, or the Ursan, the bear berserker. After creating your character, learn to fight hack'n slash style, learn to use items, and learn to level up. Your choice of play after freedom is awarded for completing the tutorial is spelunking dungeons with groups of random people, or your friends, doing quests, or playing PVP minigames and such. The gameplay really is RPG integrated with party-style hack n' slash, but really suffers from *nervous gulp* being a free app... Which means that there's a certainty that it'll try to spam you to get in-app purchases. Well, Pocket Legends doesn't do this as much as the next guy, but it shows yo the benifits of what you could be using/buying. One plus to it though is that there are offers to earn in-app purchase currency, but it doesn't work all the time, the offers usually space out and then for doing the task asked, you don't get anything... Just really, make it a paid app so you don't have to spam us to buy your worthless currency. I like that it's free, but remove the purchasable currency. Just make one currency, coins!

Graphics (8.2/10): Pocket Legends' graphics are not much to look at, but provide for a feel of fun, toony battles. These graphics are 3D, so they still have more potential within them. Overall, decent.

Music (7.6/10): Music loops keep the theme of the dungeon raiding and towns, but they're not very memorable in any sort. Rather, you would like to have your own music playing in the background than the fantasy music loops.

Controls (9/10): The controls stay true to iOS hack n' slash and are successful, but the all text coming down from the sides and having the inability to map more than 4 skills make the controls suffer.

Fun (8.6/10): This game is great fun. If you're a fan of gauntlet or other hack n' slashers on your iOS device, you'll love pocket legends. This game really needs improvement on some levels, like the story and controls, but really needs more immersing material.

Result: Overall... 8.2/10 (B)
Pocket Legends needs a lot more than it has and needs changes badly, but the way it is, is great. Get it today, it's free. You may also get it on the chrome web store for free. It's really awesome fun on your phone for any hardcore gamer and is a great 3D MMO game. Hopefully, Spacetime studios will understand and update the game to make it better (which they do often) but this game really begs for certain updates, and more players.

Thanks for reading this 100th view special! This is Jeff  for a 1-Up games review, bye!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top Ten Strongest Video Game Attacks (4-1)

Continuing the last segment of this whopper of a countdown we have... NUMBUH PHOAR! (Only 90's kids will understand that)

Number 4: Unrelenting Force
This epic attack and meme come from The Elder Scrolls V. "FUS RO DAH" is what Dovakiin screams when using it, then everything flies away as if he just won the worlds loudest belching contest. The group of foes who fly backward can take damage by getting shot into walls, or falling to their death in canyons and such. This attack also has a very fast reload time for a dragon shout, so may be spammed in fashion to troll enemies. Overall, it's not a very damaging attack, but is extremely intimidating and may be used wisely to instantly kill foes. This attack is force push multiplied by Chuck Norris. Yes-sir-ee... you don't give crap to Dovakiin, or he'll ragdoll you into a canyon. For which some reason, not many are able to survive in...

Number 3: Hadouken Fireball Gun
Megaman was a nice series, Megaman X was a BAWSS series. The Hadouken Gun from Megaman X is obtained through a cheat on Armored Armadillo's level. It kills every enemy (except vile) in one hit... It's like a better version of the metal blade gun, to you Megaman 2 fans. What you need to do, is hit down, right, and shoot to use it, which is a nice tip of a hat to Street Fighter 2. Also Megaman says "Hadoookeen!" while using it to even add more of the fun factor. Nothing much really more to say about the Hadouken gun except it's the kind of cheat you want to show to your friends and say, "See! I told you so and showed you so... ha!" Oh and by the way, killing any foe in one hit is nice too...

Number 2: Full Tension Gigagash
Sorry about the photo quality, but Gigagash is the super ultimate sword ability from Dragon Quest 9. The uiltimate one is Gigaslash, but Gigagash (the super ultimate one) is double the power of Gigaslash. Gigagash attacks all of the enemies with crazy powerful light damage and being at full tension, it multiplies the damage tenfold. If you also have a Mage or Armamentalist in your party, you may use Oomph to increase the user's base attack power and if the user is a Gladiator, use double up to exchange some of your defense for attack. Overall, this attack is all about damage. It is even very effective without buffs, but pretty much, you can anihilate anything with it. The only downside is the MP cost, not many sword wielders have high MP, so you may not be able to spam it unless you take up a vocation that boosts your MP.

Number 1: Gravity Hammer Smash
What's the Gravity Hammer Smash you may ask? Well it's a term for repeatedly using Halo 3's gravity hammer on scared victims. I'm not a big fan of first person shooters, but this has to be the strongest attack in a video game ever (arguably). It does <230+ damage and when you smash it into something, bodies will not hit the floor, they will hit the sky! It gets the fun of watching your victims ragdoll into the air from Fus Ro Dah, and you get the raw power of Gigagash. I mean, just look in this picture! This guy with the futuristic laser axe (Gravity Hammer) literally destroyed this Jeep in one hit. I need to repeat again how fun it is to watch groups of victims fly into the air faster than team rocket. It's the overall strongest video game attack I've seen.

THANKS FOR READING THIS TOP TEN! Comment about your favorite strongest video game attacks! This is Jeff for 1-Up Games, signing off!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good News and Kinda Bad News

The bad news is Tome of Runes and Idle Ninja games are going to be delayed for awhile. The good news is that well... I'VE DOWNLOADED FLASHDEVELOP! Now you guys are going to see some quality games now. Because I'm releasing real flash games soon. W00T.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top Ten Strongest Video Game Attacks (10-5)

Violence. Probably a part in most video games that makes us want to play them. It was also the main reason the ESRB began (Thank you Mortal Kombat). Fighting a battle is a key mechanic in games that a lot revolve around. Pokemon, Street Fighter, Castle Crashers are all of different genres, but are based around battle. Now when it comes to this battle, you gotta attack the bad guy right? Well with what? Something strategic, or something strong? The something strong is where I look toward, with my top ten strongest attacks in video games! THESE ARE THE FIRST 5!

Number 10: The Spirit Bomb
You know this list is gonna talk about real power when you have the epicness that is The Spirit Bomb at number 10. The Spirit Bomb comes from Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenakaichi 3, (say that 3 times fast 0_o) being Goku (GT)'s Ultimate Blast, it's really an overly-strong move. If you haven't heard of dragonball, you should have. You're looking up video game reviews and top 10s on the internet ROFL. This is the series' trademark attack besides the Kamehameha. Goku collects energy from the whole Galaxy and all of his allies give energy too, and a huge sphere of energy is created. HUGE. Goku then throws it overhead at a doomed foe and... BOOM. The enemy literally splits into smithereens. This attack changes the whole scenery of the level to a post apocalyptic looking one, is unblockable, deals a whopping 11050 damage that normally could wipe out a third of the foe's health and sometimes after powering up with secondary abilities can kill foes in one shot, and overall... is thrown by a child! Yeah, you fanboys can say technically no. BUT REALLY. The idea of a child being able to kill the strongest warriors in the universe with a giant shiny ball of destruction is very awkward. But it's fictional... right?

Number 9: Great Aether
Waaa? Great Aether is ahead of DBZ in strength of moves? I'm counting the power of the moves in the games, not in the animes :p. Anyway, Great Aether is Ike's Final Smash in our beloved Super Smash Bros Brawl. If you're lucky enough to get a smash ball, Ike does a number on however many competitors you rack up in the first swing of the Great Aether. He swifty slashes and does a firey wombo-combo of doom on the victims, all while saying "GuurEEEATT... AAEEETTTHHAAA!!!!!!!!" -Ike. This epic combo of flaming blade attacks deals around 70% damage and if you've only hit them a couple times before the attack and get them around 100% damage before the final slash... THEY'RE DEAD. This one is better in game than the spirit bomb because you can get multiple kills if you catch other foes in limbo. But really, Great Aether and The Spirit Bomb earned their spots on the list. Do you realize how many attacks their are in gaming that I could've chosen to put on the list?

Number 8: V-Create
What's V-Create you ask? Well, it was supposed to be the event Victini Pokemon's signature move. Until some geeks figured out Rayquaza could learn it, hinting that the scales on its head made a "V". But, this move makes the user's head engulfed in powerful flames shaped in a V. The user then charges and the V explodes with great force on the target. Now you may be thinking, "WHY DEH HECK IS DIS STUPID MOVE ON HEAR?" well, I have an alibi. Besides those unfair 1-hit KOs and suicide moves, this move has the most power out of any pokemon move EVAR. Yes. EVAR. Why didn't I choose the 1-hit KOs and suicide moves to be on the list instead of this? Well, what they have in strength, they lose in well... losing! A 1 hit KO example is fissure, fissure cannot hit targets 30 levels above the user and when even they are able to hit, it's an incredibly low chance for it to hit. Moves like explosion and self destruct are suicide. You can't use them in every situation, like when you're down to your last pokemon. But V-Create fits the material for a move you can use without dying or without fear of missing. This makes the move actually worth time to use. V-Create has 180 power, doesn't make you wait a turn to recharge, and looks BAWSS. The only bad thing about it is it decreases your defenses by 1 stage and decreases your speed a bit. But you won't need those anyway. This move has 95 accuracy, almost certain to hit and kill your target with a flaming depth charge of death. (I do count accuracy and the strength to live on after the attack as a factor of strength)

Number 7: Slice and Dice
DON'T HATE. I actually enjoy Runescape, which is where this gruesome attack comes from. Now, you may be thinking once again, (DA HECK, HOW IZ ROONSKAPE HAVIN A BETTAR ATTACK THEN MAH DBZ?!?!?) I once again have an alibi. This attack is the special attack of the Dragon Claws weapon. It hits your victim PHOAR TIMES. You can also use it TWICE. For a total of 8 hits even before your enemy realizes they're being killed. This attack is overkill. They'll be at 20% HP (if you have good stats) even before you get out the second dose of the slice and dice (Like the guy in the pic). Above that, it looks awesome. I've seen people rush in on an innocent dude with Slice and Dice while saying "U MAD BRO?!" just because of how unfairly strong it is. It boost your damage with every successful hit, hits 8 times, and looks crazy. What more can you ask of our friend the Dragon Claws?

Number 6: Mario's Foot of Death

Do I have to repeat myself? Because I won't anymore, I always have reasons! Mario's serial killing foot landing on anything from a jump is a goner. I know it doesn't kill spikies or hammer bros. in one hit, but that's because it doesn't make direct contact with creature Mario is trying brutally murder with his foot. SUMMARY OF THE FACTS: After Mario has removed armor/magical effects/defenses from any one creature, he jumps up and stomps on it. The victim lets out a shriek of pain, dies, and is hurtled through the ground and is sent to HELL. Mario, you're in between the harbringer of justice and the harbringer of death, it just depends on what you use that foot for.

Number 5: The Bomb Patch
Two pictures? Well I really couldn't find the explosion of the bomb in the game, but I believe this attack/pic to represent that you don't mess with the dude who has the bomb power in Kirby Air Ride. Kirby Air Ride is supposed to be a happy little racing game for children right? Well I bet it's teaching kids the secrets of nuclear warfare even before teenage years! In city trial mode, you must upgrade your machine in anyway possible to win in the upcoming arena, the bomb power up is an item patch with only one use, for only one reason; to destroy! When you receive the bomb patch, it's time for sabotage. You only have 1 bomb unlike in the other Kirby game. Well it's fair. Because this thing has a very large explosion zone, is hard to escape, takes out around a sixth/seventh of the city's surface, and damages your foes like crazy. After being injured by this bomb, you're going to need to find a new machine all over again, because your last one will already be smithereens. This attack is perfect to use when the clock is down to its final seconds, you can wipe out a whole game's worth of upgrades in one fell swoop.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Announcement: Idle Ninja

Hey all. Working on a top ten for you all right now. But in the mean time, I am announcing a new game that is in development that I am making. It's called Idle Ninja. It's obviously an Idle game, but in Idle Ninja, there's a bit more integration. You choose your ninja's gear, weapons, attacks and you send him/her off to train and you may compete in fighting tournaments, duels, competitions of other skills, and much other stuff. All while being Idle on your computer doing your homework, chatting on Skype, browsing on Facebook, or whatever you want to your leisure. This game does not a have a release date. It's in the very alpha stages so please wait for it, and also hold your horses for Tome of Runes and the countdown. I'm putting a lot of work on my shoulders. :D

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

iOS Review- Megaman 2

Hiya all! Welcome to 1-UP again, I'm Jeff. Back from a vacation that ended in widespread blackouts now. Man that sucked. Anyway, I'm back from that to reopen productivity on the site for your enjoyment. I'll voice my opinion on the Blue Bomber's return to the next generation in Megaman 2 on iOS (iPod/iPhone/Mobile Device).

Megaman 2 orignally released in the 80's. THAT DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T REVIEW IT. So shut cho face. Anyway, it released in the late 80's and was received very well, until Megaman was seen as a "Call Of Duty Franchise" where the developers just crapped out sequels every year with no new gaming mechanics and just barely adding on enough "new" content to be called a new game. Now Capcom, hungry for munnies, re-released Megaman 2 on the iPhone. What was it like? Probably one of the greatest emulated games ever. But if you haven't heard of Megaman, well... the story is pretty much able to be described in a single breath and is the same for every game. Nevertheless i'll tell it. There's these 2 guys in the year 20XX and one of them is called Dr. Light and the other is called Dr. Wily. Well, Dr. Light is real real suspicious of Dr. Wily and his "evil desires" so he makes a super robot called Megaman. Dr. Wily is then real real offended so he makes 8 robot masters to counteract the threat of Megaman, otherwise known as the blue bomber.  Megaman then has to defeat Dr. Wily and his 8 Robot Masters to "save the day" (?). Time to get down to what I'm supposed to talk about now.

Gameplay: The whole idea revolves around choosing a robot master to fight, going through their themed level, facing the robot master, getting their power, and using it the next level. Sorta like a Kirby theme, you kill your foes and take their powers. But in Megaman, you can switch to powers whenever you want if you have ammunition for them. The enemies that litter the levels before the robot masters can be annoying (especially the bats in Woodman's stage), but provide a good challenge for weapon switching and finding new methods to dispatch of foes. The Robot Masters' and the Bosses' attacks and powers provide a good challenge for all players on all difficulties and the levels are designed as very well made platformers. Puzzles may be integrated into the levels and the theme of the Robot Masters is integrated as well. Like in Quickman's stage, you must be quick to dodge in lasers coming down from the top of the stage. Overall, Megaman 2's port to the iOS retains the same gameplay with lots of nostalgia as a bonus.

Graphics: Wonderful pixelated environments accompanied by creative robots, obstacles and explosions. The blue bomber yet again keeps his record with 80's standard graphics.

Music: The Chiptune music for Megaman is unforgettable and and action of the game amplifies the awesome energy that it gives you. Add in a few "pew pews" of the lasers and you got yourself Nostalgia Gumbo. You may even have people look over your shoulders in a Nostalgic stare if you have the speaker on. :)

Controls: If you have beefy fingers, the Portrait Display of the screen may not work, but you can always switch it to landscape. Both of these control sets work, they just may make you miss-move if you've got large fingers.

Fun: Yes, it very much is. Emulated games are not always received well among fanboys of the series, but this one is a great exception because, it pretty much is the same as the first one, but feels fresh and fun all over again. It's also a wonderful chance to introduce a new generation to the fun that is Megaman.

Result: Overall... 9.2/10 (A)
Megaman's triumphant return to the iPhone is a great emulator of a great game. Has awesome music, original art, decent controls, good concept, and lots of weapons. It may suffer from the weak parts of the story like Dr. Wily always getting away, and not much plot. But really makes up for it in a nostalgic gameplay like no other. I strongly urge you to go on the App Store right now and pay as much as you do for a candy bar (99 cents) for a great game like this if you've played it before or are looking into classic gaming.

This has been another 1-UP Games review. C U L8ER. :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Preview: Tome of Runes

Hiya all. There won't be any updates for a couple days because I'll be on vacation/holiday with my family. But before I go, I might as well update you on my programming life. I'm building a new game called Tome of Runes with the Scratch Programming Engine. I know, it's a very baby-ish version of Flash, but I'm still trying to figure those out. But nevertheless, Tome of Runes is a great looking game so far and has been inspired by Book of Mages and Many lifestyle RPGs. It is a do-what-you-want kind of game and is set in a world of Magic and Monsters. It will be released in Alpha soon and I will put the link on the site. Thanks for reading bros. See you later.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top Ten Most Memorable Flash Games

SORRY ABOUT LACK OF UPDATES LATELY, but I got my first countdown ready (finally). W00t. So, these are, in my opinion, the most memorable flash games I've played. I come back to them months or years later and I remembered them just as I've played them recently. So without a further ado, here's the Top Ten Most Memorable Flash Games!

Number 10: Relive Your Life
Ahhh, Relive Your Life. A great game on the Kongregate website and just came out a while ago. It feels like I've played it before and I've only played it a few times and it has set its spot in my mind for 10th most memorable flash game. It uses Warioware style minigames and it has Egoraptor narrating the whole shabang with Dr. Seuss style rhymes and hilarious outcomes of your life. What ever free time on the internet you have please play Relive Your Life on Kongregate. "Take a few seconds and reflect your result, now relive your life from sperm to adult." -Egoraptor 

Number 9: Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
I remember this! Well of course I do... it's on the list. Anyway, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy is a game made by Kongregate user Djstatika. It involves a top-down shooter basis for a combat style space MMO. The game was hacked multiple times by those darned hackers so we can't play the game in its former multiplayer glory, so we really can't call it that memorable. But the game, oh my gawsh. It is so memorable. You start out as a member of the Human Alliance or Aliens an you can raid bases, do courier missions, try your hand at space mining, or do other cool spacey stuff. So go home and be a spacey man and play Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy on Kongregate to see what I'm talking about.

Number 8: The Great War of Prefectures
This was an enjoyable title. I remember not being able to beat it but man, it was challenging and the whole idea of you against the world was great. The Great War of Prefectures was based off of Japan's Prefectures and you had to create an army in your prefecture to control the other prefectures and become more powerful. Eventually, you'd have to beat the bosses, which I couldn't but maybe I'll try later today because the game was so great and memorable. I remember the gameplay now... Well whatever. It's a nice game. Try it out someday. on Kong, or other sites.

Number 7: Pwong 2
Pwong 2. It basically is Pong, but better. First of all, there's upgrades to your paddle that give you a sense of progression throughout the game. Second of all, it has some really B. A. Barrackus electronic music and my favorite mix of "Popcorn". Third of all, it's so colorful. What's not to remember about epic music combined with epileptic colors swirling directly in front of your eyes? I played this all day one Saturday Afternoon. Life well spent. 

Number 6: Book of Mages: The Dark Times
Another memorable title from our friends at Nobstudio. I remember when the first version of the game came out and it kind of sucked. Then when this came out... I really couldn't stop my self from coming back to it to try different kinds of lives I could live. The whole idea is there's a war between the "White robes" and the "Black robes" to see who will become the "Great Mage" to rule the world. It's really kind of complicated, but you should play it if you're a fantasy game freak.

Number 5: This Is Why You're Fat: In Sixty Seconds
Heheheheheheh! This game is hilarious. You shoot as many turkeys as you can in sixty seconds and the guts and blood you spill out for you to watch the Pilgrim eat. The goal is to make him as fat as you can. It was so memorable just sitting there listening to the "Nom Nom Nom" song and watching a chubby Pilgrim eat the heck out of Turkey guts and slowly increase in size. Play it if you're looking for a good laugh.

Number 4: Abobo's Big Adventure
This game was mentioned in Game Informer a time. It was called, "The ultimate tribute to the NES." It sure as heck was. In Abobo's Big Adventure, you play in styles of countless NES style games with twists of Memes, other games being integrated, and just plain ol' funniness. If you like to play as giant men named Abobo with large biceps, you need to play this game. YOU NEED TO. The fact this was so memorable though, is how games were integrated and how their glitches were too. In the first level, a double dragon style Beat em' up, you can use the infamous elevator glitch to go up and find a party of other video game characters. I was laughing so hard, I could have cried.

Number 3: Monster's Den Chronicles
This spot was supposed to be for the game before it in the series, until this came out. This was just as memorable and even more. You control a whole party of adventurers as they go along hallways of dungeons, caves, whatever you want (As long as they get to kill stuff along the way). The game overall is just great fun and there's a whole lot of stuff you can do to customize your party and give them personalities. The combat in the game is very memorable and seems to resemble table top gaming like Dungeons and Dragons. Who knows, maybe if you play this game and like it, you'll start to want to play Dungeons and Dragons. The two are very the same I hear.

Number 2: Mud and Blood 2
 No pun intended on the 2 2s (he he, tutus). This game is BAWSS. You really don't need anything but a love for unfair war to love this game. I just can't stop myself from coming back to it monthly, weekly, and maybe daily. You control an army that has to defend a checkpoint against Nazi soldiers. You can send out French  Rebellion, to an epicly, over-sized tank. This game was so memorable because You could play it different ways every time and be successful, or fail miserably. That just made the urge to come back to it, even stronger than Monster's Den Chronicles. But what has a stronger Memory than this game... IT'S NUMBER 1!

Number 1:  Platform Racing 2
HECK YEAH. Platform Racing 2 is a 2D racing game with platforms being the main subject. You can create your own levels, play others' levels, level up, and level, level, level, LEVEL! There's a whole butt-load of content in this game and that just makes it all the more fun. It is so memorable because it was the first actually good flash game I've played. I also go back regularly to race with friends, build new tracks, and to see when PR3 is going to come out, because if they delay it 1 more time, i'm going to sacrifice a puppy to the Gamer Gods!

Thanks guys. That's it for my first Top Ten. Catch you later. :})

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gamecube Review- Custom Robo Battle Revoloution

Hi everyone, this morning I am bored. I get it, no one wants to know I am bored, you want to know the reason  I'm posting, well here's a game that I thought by many of a generation of players walked by and didn't play. Though, if you've played the last one in the series, that isn't the one I'm reviewing. Also, I'm not reviewing the first one. I'm reviewing the one for the Gamecube. That's right, not for the Boy but for the Cube. The one for the Gameboy I though had lost its touch on the series' main mechanic; Epic 3D battles. Nevertheless, I bring to you a Custom Robo Battle Revoloution Review!

Custom Robo Battle Revoloution (CRBR) was a game series that was recieved much better in Japan than in America. IGN gave it a 6.5 and called it "Okay". WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Was my response after playing the game. Sure it had its ups and downs, but everyone should have at least tried the game here in America before calling it "Okay" and sticking with IGN's opinion. Sure, IGN and others rapped on how it called itself an RPG and how it was "Not hard enough". But, it's time for me to testify against some of that.

Gameplay: Take note people, this is a game that you play with your friends. Say that together with me now, FRIENDS. This game has fun in store for you if you sit in a dark basement and want to pull an all-nighter trying to beat this game's story mode, but nothing compared to playing against 3 other friends at a party or something like that. But first, i'll discuss the story's gameplay. The story mode is supposedly "Not hard enough". (Thank you IGN) You walk around post apocalyptic/war earth, where everyone believes that the whole world is inside of a dome for a very dark reason and the main character's father wants him to become a Custom Robo Commander during this time. The story starts off with the main character wanting a job at a bounty hunter's organization. But apparently in the future, it's legal to give a teenager a job as a bounty hunter so you get the job and  actually kind of act as a cop for the dome area. You get parts from defeating enemies in a well developed top-down shooting battle system, but you can also make the battles be FPS too. The parts can be used to customize your Robo, a robot that you use your "Mental energy" to dive into and control. The parts can vary from bodies, guns, bombs, pods, to legs. The customization you make can give you different combo attacks against enemies or just be fun to try out some new parts. IGN, this can be hard at times thanks to trying to figure out which combination of parts can work well against certain enemies. Not one combo of parts beats everything else (Unless they're illegal parts). The other mode that you play against your friends in is just great fun. You can screen-peek at your foe's parts to make a combo to counteract or just try to beat them with your current combo of parts. The fun here may be tripled if your foe is incredibly skilled at the game and you are too. Only things bad would have to be the fact if your opponent used illegal parts secretly, it really annoys the bajeebers out of you.

Graphics: This game blends American cartoons and Japanese anime to make a nice 3D graphic milkshake. Some robos may look a little bland and color swatches and same NPCs are seen countless times throughout the city, but overall, they did an okay job.

Music: There's some pretty awesome blood pumping techno tracks that make you immersed in the idea of "Heck yeah! Taste Wyrm Gun you not-so bodacious robos!" Also, there's great mood setting of some musics tracks for sad moments happy moments, and scary moments.

Controls: Done well, though not very memorable. Sometimes you might find yourself trying to use a bomb and you use a pod.

Fun: This game is like Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Just you = Meh, it's just okay. Friends and you = Imma kick you robo butt hole! No, vice versa! Nu uh (Basically, an insult battle while repeatedly shooting guns at each other virtually, don't  get me wrong, it's fun)!

Result: Overall... 7.9 (C+)
I really talked this game up... then gave it a C+. I split the grade between playing with friends and just by playing with yourself. If you've got nothing to do at parties and you've got a Gamecube, buy it now, it's a great, great game with friends. Otherwise, if you're looking to be a true game and go cross-eyed playing Japanese RPGs in the dark. This game may not be for you, or it may if you like the whole concept. Try the DS version though if you're looking to play by yourself most of the time, its better for that sort of thing.

This is Jeff for 1-UP, going back to my regular life to be AFK :D.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

iOS Review- Head Soccer

Hey guys, first review ever, yay! Now enough of that, let's continue to the main reason you looked at this post.

Head Soccer is a game for iOS developed by D&D Dream Corp. It has 2 versions, a paid and a lite, but right now, the paid is free for some kind of promotion. It was originally 99 cents though. This is a pretty well developed game and barely takes up any memory on your device. Finding those 2 things together in a game today is pretty hard these days. With games like Infinity Blade taking up an 8th of your device's memory for some itouch users, you've got to be leery when you download any game by much memory  it uses.

Gameplay: This game has 3 modes, Arcade, which involves facing soccer players of other countries in basic matches with nothing special really, Tournament, which has you select a soccer player and face others in tournament style matches. For each opponent you defeat the next one is always a better player. So you basically face players in succession in Tournament. Finally, the last mode is Multiplayer.  Powered by Gamecenter, it works fine, the servers have a low population at times, there might be a connection problem now and then but hey, it works. Unlike some other games... *cough* *Castle Crashers*. All of these modes are fun to do, but let's get more into the topic. There are twelve players from twelve different countries to unlock and choose from. You start out with the Korean character though. Now each character has a special shot power-up. Some of these are just unfair like Argentina's and Britain's, some are super useless like Korea's. The Gameplay it self though is balanced. besides the power-ups. You can kick the ball, run into it with your giant head, or body check it. You can also kick your opponents until they bleed which is hilarious! Overall, the game resembles slime soccer on a mobile device with bells and whistles.

Graphics: Not really much to say here. They just look like standard cartoon graphics. The special shots look pretty-ful though. The coolest one is the Dragon Shot, a giant flaming dragon basically covers the whole field!

Music: There's a very annoying rock song loop in the menu but otherwise, the game is almost devoid of music. Go figure, add your own in. It's an ipod/iphone for god's sake!

Controls: Nice controls, pretty much standard in this department too. There's buttons across the bottom of the screen and they work decently. However, there's sometimes a minor issue with the moving controls since they're not a emulated joystick.

Fun: Yes, this game is perfect for waiting in long lines at Chipotle and messing around with while your wife buys shoes. It just gets a little vanilla after you play it straight for a while.

Overall...8.5/10    (B)
I think you should buy this today while it's still free. It's a great addition to anyone's collection of iOS games. Even if it was paid right now, you'd get the same response from me. Get it now, it's a nice game that meets the par of what mobile gaming expects today. Just turn your volume off in the menus, the music loop is short and annoying as Charlie Sheen beating you at checkers.

This has been a review by Jeff. See you next time on 1-UP!

Welcome to 1-UP!

Hey all! Welcome to 1-UP, the website that is ran independently by me, Jeff. In this first post, I mark the grand opening of my site and will pledge to update this for you viewers to have a nice time reading these posts, and playing these games.

Right now, I want to talk with you about what I will be adding within the future. I will review flash games, as well as consle games, hand-held games, and iOS games. I will also make countdowns of top 10s to top 20s and maybe with enough encouragement, top 100s! Finally, I will do what ever comes to mind in posts at the moment. It will be a fun time for all filled with randomness, bagels, and possibly corn chips.

So please, if you're just browsing the site right now and are interested in the description of the future, do not hesitate to bookmark or favorite this website. Thank you for reading and I will update soon :D!