Sunday, June 10, 2012

iOS Review- Head Soccer

Hey guys, first review ever, yay! Now enough of that, let's continue to the main reason you looked at this post.

Head Soccer is a game for iOS developed by D&D Dream Corp. It has 2 versions, a paid and a lite, but right now, the paid is free for some kind of promotion. It was originally 99 cents though. This is a pretty well developed game and barely takes up any memory on your device. Finding those 2 things together in a game today is pretty hard these days. With games like Infinity Blade taking up an 8th of your device's memory for some itouch users, you've got to be leery when you download any game by much memory  it uses.

Gameplay: This game has 3 modes, Arcade, which involves facing soccer players of other countries in basic matches with nothing special really, Tournament, which has you select a soccer player and face others in tournament style matches. For each opponent you defeat the next one is always a better player. So you basically face players in succession in Tournament. Finally, the last mode is Multiplayer.  Powered by Gamecenter, it works fine, the servers have a low population at times, there might be a connection problem now and then but hey, it works. Unlike some other games... *cough* *Castle Crashers*. All of these modes are fun to do, but let's get more into the topic. There are twelve players from twelve different countries to unlock and choose from. You start out with the Korean character though. Now each character has a special shot power-up. Some of these are just unfair like Argentina's and Britain's, some are super useless like Korea's. The Gameplay it self though is balanced. besides the power-ups. You can kick the ball, run into it with your giant head, or body check it. You can also kick your opponents until they bleed which is hilarious! Overall, the game resembles slime soccer on a mobile device with bells and whistles.

Graphics: Not really much to say here. They just look like standard cartoon graphics. The special shots look pretty-ful though. The coolest one is the Dragon Shot, a giant flaming dragon basically covers the whole field!

Music: There's a very annoying rock song loop in the menu but otherwise, the game is almost devoid of music. Go figure, add your own in. It's an ipod/iphone for god's sake!

Controls: Nice controls, pretty much standard in this department too. There's buttons across the bottom of the screen and they work decently. However, there's sometimes a minor issue with the moving controls since they're not a emulated joystick.

Fun: Yes, this game is perfect for waiting in long lines at Chipotle and messing around with while your wife buys shoes. It just gets a little vanilla after you play it straight for a while.

Overall...8.5/10    (B)
I think you should buy this today while it's still free. It's a great addition to anyone's collection of iOS games. Even if it was paid right now, you'd get the same response from me. Get it now, it's a nice game that meets the par of what mobile gaming expects today. Just turn your volume off in the menus, the music loop is short and annoying as Charlie Sheen beating you at checkers.

This has been a review by Jeff. See you next time on 1-UP!

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