Thursday, March 14, 2013

Suggestion Post #1

This is Pixel Pencil's first suggestion post. Please comment (ANYONE CAN COMMENT) below with your own suggestions and criticism to the site! Anything will be suggested and considered if it's necessary. I will go over comments and choose suggestions I like, and they will be added to Pixel Pencil.

Example of a good suggestion:

I want you to make a sequel to Burger Maze that's a street fighter parody!

Example of a bad suggestion:

Blow up Alec Baldwin (I actually may consider this one)

Happy suggesting!


  1. For sure everyone, one thing I will be doing is making lots of new videos.

  2. you should make a cod bo2 spoof lol if so i want 2 be a charcter in it

    1. I don't currently have a capture card to film one, but hope to grab one soon.