Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Preview: Tome of Runes

Hiya all. There won't be any updates for a couple days because I'll be on vacation/holiday with my family. But before I go, I might as well update you on my programming life. I'm building a new game called Tome of Runes with the Scratch Programming Engine. I know, it's a very baby-ish version of Flash, but I'm still trying to figure those out. But nevertheless, Tome of Runes is a great looking game so far and has been inspired by Book of Mages and Many lifestyle RPGs. It is a do-what-you-want kind of game and is set in a world of Magic and Monsters. It will be released in Alpha soon and I will put the link on the site. Thanks for reading bros. See you later.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top Ten Most Memorable Flash Games

SORRY ABOUT LACK OF UPDATES LATELY, but I got my first countdown ready (finally). W00t. So, these are, in my opinion, the most memorable flash games I've played. I come back to them months or years later and I remembered them just as I've played them recently. So without a further ado, here's the Top Ten Most Memorable Flash Games!

Number 10: Relive Your Life
Ahhh, Relive Your Life. A great game on the Kongregate website and just came out a while ago. It feels like I've played it before and I've only played it a few times and it has set its spot in my mind for 10th most memorable flash game. It uses Warioware style minigames and it has Egoraptor narrating the whole shabang with Dr. Seuss style rhymes and hilarious outcomes of your life. What ever free time on the internet you have please play Relive Your Life on Kongregate. "Take a few seconds and reflect your result, now relive your life from sperm to adult." -Egoraptor 

Number 9: Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
I remember this! Well of course I do... it's on the list. Anyway, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy is a game made by Kongregate user Djstatika. It involves a top-down shooter basis for a combat style space MMO. The game was hacked multiple times by those darned hackers so we can't play the game in its former multiplayer glory, so we really can't call it that memorable. But the game, oh my gawsh. It is so memorable. You start out as a member of the Human Alliance or Aliens an you can raid bases, do courier missions, try your hand at space mining, or do other cool spacey stuff. So go home and be a spacey man and play Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy on Kongregate to see what I'm talking about.

Number 8: The Great War of Prefectures
This was an enjoyable title. I remember not being able to beat it but man, it was challenging and the whole idea of you against the world was great. The Great War of Prefectures was based off of Japan's Prefectures and you had to create an army in your prefecture to control the other prefectures and become more powerful. Eventually, you'd have to beat the bosses, which I couldn't but maybe I'll try later today because the game was so great and memorable. I remember the gameplay now... Well whatever. It's a nice game. Try it out someday. on Kong, or other sites.

Number 7: Pwong 2
Pwong 2. It basically is Pong, but better. First of all, there's upgrades to your paddle that give you a sense of progression throughout the game. Second of all, it has some really B. A. Barrackus electronic music and my favorite mix of "Popcorn". Third of all, it's so colorful. What's not to remember about epic music combined with epileptic colors swirling directly in front of your eyes? I played this all day one Saturday Afternoon. Life well spent. 

Number 6: Book of Mages: The Dark Times
Another memorable title from our friends at Nobstudio. I remember when the first version of the game came out and it kind of sucked. Then when this came out... I really couldn't stop my self from coming back to it to try different kinds of lives I could live. The whole idea is there's a war between the "White robes" and the "Black robes" to see who will become the "Great Mage" to rule the world. It's really kind of complicated, but you should play it if you're a fantasy game freak.

Number 5: This Is Why You're Fat: In Sixty Seconds
Heheheheheheh! This game is hilarious. You shoot as many turkeys as you can in sixty seconds and the guts and blood you spill out for you to watch the Pilgrim eat. The goal is to make him as fat as you can. It was so memorable just sitting there listening to the "Nom Nom Nom" song and watching a chubby Pilgrim eat the heck out of Turkey guts and slowly increase in size. Play it if you're looking for a good laugh.

Number 4: Abobo's Big Adventure
This game was mentioned in Game Informer a time. It was called, "The ultimate tribute to the NES." It sure as heck was. In Abobo's Big Adventure, you play in styles of countless NES style games with twists of Memes, other games being integrated, and just plain ol' funniness. If you like to play as giant men named Abobo with large biceps, you need to play this game. YOU NEED TO. The fact this was so memorable though, is how games were integrated and how their glitches were too. In the first level, a double dragon style Beat em' up, you can use the infamous elevator glitch to go up and find a party of other video game characters. I was laughing so hard, I could have cried.

Number 3: Monster's Den Chronicles
This spot was supposed to be for the game before it in the series, until this came out. This was just as memorable and even more. You control a whole party of adventurers as they go along hallways of dungeons, caves, whatever you want (As long as they get to kill stuff along the way). The game overall is just great fun and there's a whole lot of stuff you can do to customize your party and give them personalities. The combat in the game is very memorable and seems to resemble table top gaming like Dungeons and Dragons. Who knows, maybe if you play this game and like it, you'll start to want to play Dungeons and Dragons. The two are very the same I hear.

Number 2: Mud and Blood 2
 No pun intended on the 2 2s (he he, tutus). This game is BAWSS. You really don't need anything but a love for unfair war to love this game. I just can't stop myself from coming back to it monthly, weekly, and maybe daily. You control an army that has to defend a checkpoint against Nazi soldiers. You can send out French  Rebellion, to an epicly, over-sized tank. This game was so memorable because You could play it different ways every time and be successful, or fail miserably. That just made the urge to come back to it, even stronger than Monster's Den Chronicles. But what has a stronger Memory than this game... IT'S NUMBER 1!

Number 1:  Platform Racing 2
HECK YEAH. Platform Racing 2 is a 2D racing game with platforms being the main subject. You can create your own levels, play others' levels, level up, and level, level, level, LEVEL! There's a whole butt-load of content in this game and that just makes it all the more fun. It is so memorable because it was the first actually good flash game I've played. I also go back regularly to race with friends, build new tracks, and to see when PR3 is going to come out, because if they delay it 1 more time, i'm going to sacrifice a puppy to the Gamer Gods!

Thanks guys. That's it for my first Top Ten. Catch you later. :})

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gamecube Review- Custom Robo Battle Revoloution

Hi everyone, this morning I am bored. I get it, no one wants to know I am bored, you want to know the reason  I'm posting, well here's a game that I thought by many of a generation of players walked by and didn't play. Though, if you've played the last one in the series, that isn't the one I'm reviewing. Also, I'm not reviewing the first one. I'm reviewing the one for the Gamecube. That's right, not for the Boy but for the Cube. The one for the Gameboy I though had lost its touch on the series' main mechanic; Epic 3D battles. Nevertheless, I bring to you a Custom Robo Battle Revoloution Review!

Custom Robo Battle Revoloution (CRBR) was a game series that was recieved much better in Japan than in America. IGN gave it a 6.5 and called it "Okay". WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Was my response after playing the game. Sure it had its ups and downs, but everyone should have at least tried the game here in America before calling it "Okay" and sticking with IGN's opinion. Sure, IGN and others rapped on how it called itself an RPG and how it was "Not hard enough". But, it's time for me to testify against some of that.

Gameplay: Take note people, this is a game that you play with your friends. Say that together with me now, FRIENDS. This game has fun in store for you if you sit in a dark basement and want to pull an all-nighter trying to beat this game's story mode, but nothing compared to playing against 3 other friends at a party or something like that. But first, i'll discuss the story's gameplay. The story mode is supposedly "Not hard enough". (Thank you IGN) You walk around post apocalyptic/war earth, where everyone believes that the whole world is inside of a dome for a very dark reason and the main character's father wants him to become a Custom Robo Commander during this time. The story starts off with the main character wanting a job at a bounty hunter's organization. But apparently in the future, it's legal to give a teenager a job as a bounty hunter so you get the job and  actually kind of act as a cop for the dome area. You get parts from defeating enemies in a well developed top-down shooting battle system, but you can also make the battles be FPS too. The parts can be used to customize your Robo, a robot that you use your "Mental energy" to dive into and control. The parts can vary from bodies, guns, bombs, pods, to legs. The customization you make can give you different combo attacks against enemies or just be fun to try out some new parts. IGN, this can be hard at times thanks to trying to figure out which combination of parts can work well against certain enemies. Not one combo of parts beats everything else (Unless they're illegal parts). The other mode that you play against your friends in is just great fun. You can screen-peek at your foe's parts to make a combo to counteract or just try to beat them with your current combo of parts. The fun here may be tripled if your foe is incredibly skilled at the game and you are too. Only things bad would have to be the fact if your opponent used illegal parts secretly, it really annoys the bajeebers out of you.

Graphics: This game blends American cartoons and Japanese anime to make a nice 3D graphic milkshake. Some robos may look a little bland and color swatches and same NPCs are seen countless times throughout the city, but overall, they did an okay job.

Music: There's some pretty awesome blood pumping techno tracks that make you immersed in the idea of "Heck yeah! Taste Wyrm Gun you not-so bodacious robos!" Also, there's great mood setting of some musics tracks for sad moments happy moments, and scary moments.

Controls: Done well, though not very memorable. Sometimes you might find yourself trying to use a bomb and you use a pod.

Fun: This game is like Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Just you = Meh, it's just okay. Friends and you = Imma kick you robo butt hole! No, vice versa! Nu uh (Basically, an insult battle while repeatedly shooting guns at each other virtually, don't  get me wrong, it's fun)!

Result: Overall... 7.9 (C+)
I really talked this game up... then gave it a C+. I split the grade between playing with friends and just by playing with yourself. If you've got nothing to do at parties and you've got a Gamecube, buy it now, it's a great, great game with friends. Otherwise, if you're looking to be a true game and go cross-eyed playing Japanese RPGs in the dark. This game may not be for you, or it may if you like the whole concept. Try the DS version though if you're looking to play by yourself most of the time, its better for that sort of thing.

This is Jeff for 1-UP, going back to my regular life to be AFK :D.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

iOS Review- Head Soccer

Hey guys, first review ever, yay! Now enough of that, let's continue to the main reason you looked at this post.

Head Soccer is a game for iOS developed by D&D Dream Corp. It has 2 versions, a paid and a lite, but right now, the paid is free for some kind of promotion. It was originally 99 cents though. This is a pretty well developed game and barely takes up any memory on your device. Finding those 2 things together in a game today is pretty hard these days. With games like Infinity Blade taking up an 8th of your device's memory for some itouch users, you've got to be leery when you download any game by much memory  it uses.

Gameplay: This game has 3 modes, Arcade, which involves facing soccer players of other countries in basic matches with nothing special really, Tournament, which has you select a soccer player and face others in tournament style matches. For each opponent you defeat the next one is always a better player. So you basically face players in succession in Tournament. Finally, the last mode is Multiplayer.  Powered by Gamecenter, it works fine, the servers have a low population at times, there might be a connection problem now and then but hey, it works. Unlike some other games... *cough* *Castle Crashers*. All of these modes are fun to do, but let's get more into the topic. There are twelve players from twelve different countries to unlock and choose from. You start out with the Korean character though. Now each character has a special shot power-up. Some of these are just unfair like Argentina's and Britain's, some are super useless like Korea's. The Gameplay it self though is balanced. besides the power-ups. You can kick the ball, run into it with your giant head, or body check it. You can also kick your opponents until they bleed which is hilarious! Overall, the game resembles slime soccer on a mobile device with bells and whistles.

Graphics: Not really much to say here. They just look like standard cartoon graphics. The special shots look pretty-ful though. The coolest one is the Dragon Shot, a giant flaming dragon basically covers the whole field!

Music: There's a very annoying rock song loop in the menu but otherwise, the game is almost devoid of music. Go figure, add your own in. It's an ipod/iphone for god's sake!

Controls: Nice controls, pretty much standard in this department too. There's buttons across the bottom of the screen and they work decently. However, there's sometimes a minor issue with the moving controls since they're not a emulated joystick.

Fun: Yes, this game is perfect for waiting in long lines at Chipotle and messing around with while your wife buys shoes. It just gets a little vanilla after you play it straight for a while.

Overall...8.5/10    (B)
I think you should buy this today while it's still free. It's a great addition to anyone's collection of iOS games. Even if it was paid right now, you'd get the same response from me. Get it now, it's a nice game that meets the par of what mobile gaming expects today. Just turn your volume off in the menus, the music loop is short and annoying as Charlie Sheen beating you at checkers.

This has been a review by Jeff. See you next time on 1-UP!

Welcome to 1-UP!

Hey all! Welcome to 1-UP, the website that is ran independently by me, Jeff. In this first post, I mark the grand opening of my site and will pledge to update this for you viewers to have a nice time reading these posts, and playing these games.

Right now, I want to talk with you about what I will be adding within the future. I will review flash games, as well as consle games, hand-held games, and iOS games. I will also make countdowns of top 10s to top 20s and maybe with enough encouragement, top 100s! Finally, I will do what ever comes to mind in posts at the moment. It will be a fun time for all filled with randomness, bagels, and possibly corn chips.

So please, if you're just browsing the site right now and are interested in the description of the future, do not hesitate to bookmark or favorite this website. Thank you for reading and I will update soon :D!