Pixel Pencil was a website created on June 10th, 2012 by me, Jeff S. It was originally named 1-Up Games, but it was changed due to how hard it was to find in search engines, as many sites have the same name or very close ones. The name Pixel Pencil was decided because I write about electronics and similar items. My inspiration to make the site was from a few video makers on YouTube like Joshscorcher, The Autarch of Flame, Itinobo, Quarter Guy, and Animalguy001.

     I have always been interested in game developing, Pixel Pencil has been great way for me to make the games I have created known to the public. I had used the Scratch programming engine from MIT in 2010, but then switched to Stencyl in the summer of 2012 to make bigger and better games. I'm still developing, but I do it fairly slowly, so occasionally you will see games added to the "Flash Game" section of the site.

     The site's original purpose on the day it was created was to be an outlet to the internet about my geeky experiences during the day, but in February of 2013, I received a school project to make an informative webpage. So began the development of the "Fix-it Tutorial" section of the site where I demonstrate how to repair your personal electronics. I film videos, add them to YouTube, then that webpage. The webpage also has exclusive text guides, suggestions and other methods if my videos didn't work for you (They usually do work, I just put them up for those in drastic situations).

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