Sunday, February 17, 2013

Arcade Review- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

A little late for this review... As this game is about 2 to 3 years old, but maybe too early, as the Multiplayer DLC pack has yet to be put on the shelves. But really, I kind of just got an Xbox and this game has given me more fun than I would find in most feature-length titles. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a game that  really sucks the player into the 8-Bit universe, even though there's not really any explanation for what's going on in the game besides the brief intro, it makes you want to know more... So I watched the movie and am planning to order a few of the books, just by playing through this charming little gem.

     Scott Pilgrim Vs. The  World may be one of the greatest-received, most critically acclaimed downloadable title, ever. It's a side scroller that reminds us of our friends, Castle Crashers and The Simpson's Arcade. There's about over 4 hours of gameplay required to beat it and yet you still will find yourself continuing to play it after that, it's just so charming. Story Time: Scott is a loveable loser that gets a girl in Toronto, Canada. In order to keep on dating her, Scott must defeat her 7 evil ex. boyfriends. So yeah, after this is found out, you just go around town beating the snot out of anyone in your way, just to get to kill one of Ramona's exes. Pretty snazzy.

Gameplay(9.2): Yeah, don't look at me funny. I gave a beat em' up over a 9 for gameplay. Even though the idea of repeatedly smashing hipster's faces in may seem invigorating for a short time, Scott Pilgrim keeps it fresh by adding an action RPG vibe by adding skills, new powers acquired at each level, and special/co op attacks. It's a very charming beat em' up that will have you on your couch for hours. The Gauntlet problem occurs in this too though. YOU NEED FRIENDS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS GAME. So get outta that basement and make some friends, ya deadbeat! Past these negativities, this is probably one of the most replayable games I've ever seen. One or two cons here though, there's not many levels. I guess that's a good thing that the game leaves me wanting more, but more means sometime soon I want indulged. The other bad thing is that game's ending leaves you thinking (no spoiler) "Why did I do all of that then?" No matter how funny the ending is, it's not really satisfying.

Graphics(9.5): The game excels at excellent 8-bit artwork, with colorful backgrounds and vibrant environments that really pop. Any classic game collector will appreciate this game for many reasons:
1. The Beat'em Up gameplay defines a lot of retro games
2. 8-bit artwork is very well done
3. Lots of references to classic games, like the Super Mario 3 character select screen, or the Super Mario World level selection system, or even the reeling, flaming body reference from Street Fighter II.
After looking at this game, most people can't really help from smiling.

Music(9.9): I would give this game a 10 for music for a reason I'll explain in a bit, but... OMGZ, ANAMANAGUCHI MAEK MOOSIK, MEH WANT!!1 The Anamanaguchi chiptune band creates the entire soundtrack spanning from the tune you hear while in the shop to the excellent boss-fight titles like Vegatable Rock and Bollywood. THIS MUSIC IS AMAZING. I don't care about what genre of music you prefer, but this music will make you want to punch things, like the Power Rangers theme song, lol. The Reason why it's not a 10 is because I believe some of the loops are too short, I would like more variety of sound while I'm knocking the wind out of random people.

Controls(8.5): The controls are nothing excellent and have some issues, as running is a little difficult. I'm not necessarily complaining about how a run is preformed in game, but it took a while to learn and confused me a bit. Next, your character's placement on the screen is solely determined by your shadow. It can be hard to line yourself up with enemies if you're new to the beat'em up genre. One redeeming factor though is that everything is there, strong attacks, weak attacks, blocks, counters, ground pounds, and more. A few of these techniques are hard to preform but, hey, if you want to do the extra difficult things: go right ahead.

Fun(9): With friends, this game is an absolute party, alone it is a slightly frustrating challenge. Either way though, you'll find yourself walking away wanting to try more of the beat'em up genre. I recommend Castle Crashers if you become obsessed with this title.

Overall... 9.2(A)
I've really enjoyed Scott Pilgrim's debut in the gaming world and I hope you all do too. The DLC has good content if you really are desperate for more of this gaming gem and to get the most of it, play with your buddies. You can find this title on the PS3 or Xbox, to my knowledge it cost $10 (800 MSP). I really do suggest getting it if you have a Saturday to chuck out the window by playing this all the way through with some friends.

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