Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top Ten Most Memorable Flash Games

SORRY ABOUT LACK OF UPDATES LATELY, but I got my first countdown ready (finally). W00t. So, these are, in my opinion, the most memorable flash games I've played. I come back to them months or years later and I remembered them just as I've played them recently. So without a further ado, here's the Top Ten Most Memorable Flash Games!

Number 10: Relive Your Life
Ahhh, Relive Your Life. A great game on the Kongregate website and just came out a while ago. It feels like I've played it before and I've only played it a few times and it has set its spot in my mind for 10th most memorable flash game. It uses Warioware style minigames and it has Egoraptor narrating the whole shabang with Dr. Seuss style rhymes and hilarious outcomes of your life. What ever free time on the internet you have please play Relive Your Life on Kongregate. "Take a few seconds and reflect your result, now relive your life from sperm to adult." -Egoraptor 

Number 9: Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
I remember this! Well of course I do... it's on the list. Anyway, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy is a game made by Kongregate user Djstatika. It involves a top-down shooter basis for a combat style space MMO. The game was hacked multiple times by those darned hackers so we can't play the game in its former multiplayer glory, so we really can't call it that memorable. But the game, oh my gawsh. It is so memorable. You start out as a member of the Human Alliance or Aliens an you can raid bases, do courier missions, try your hand at space mining, or do other cool spacey stuff. So go home and be a spacey man and play Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy on Kongregate to see what I'm talking about.

Number 8: The Great War of Prefectures
This was an enjoyable title. I remember not being able to beat it but man, it was challenging and the whole idea of you against the world was great. The Great War of Prefectures was based off of Japan's Prefectures and you had to create an army in your prefecture to control the other prefectures and become more powerful. Eventually, you'd have to beat the bosses, which I couldn't but maybe I'll try later today because the game was so great and memorable. I remember the gameplay now... Well whatever. It's a nice game. Try it out someday. on Kong, or other sites.

Number 7: Pwong 2
Pwong 2. It basically is Pong, but better. First of all, there's upgrades to your paddle that give you a sense of progression throughout the game. Second of all, it has some really B. A. Barrackus electronic music and my favorite mix of "Popcorn". Third of all, it's so colorful. What's not to remember about epic music combined with epileptic colors swirling directly in front of your eyes? I played this all day one Saturday Afternoon. Life well spent. 

Number 6: Book of Mages: The Dark Times
Another memorable title from our friends at Nobstudio. I remember when the first version of the game came out and it kind of sucked. Then when this came out... I really couldn't stop my self from coming back to it to try different kinds of lives I could live. The whole idea is there's a war between the "White robes" and the "Black robes" to see who will become the "Great Mage" to rule the world. It's really kind of complicated, but you should play it if you're a fantasy game freak.

Number 5: This Is Why You're Fat: In Sixty Seconds
Heheheheheheh! This game is hilarious. You shoot as many turkeys as you can in sixty seconds and the guts and blood you spill out for you to watch the Pilgrim eat. The goal is to make him as fat as you can. It was so memorable just sitting there listening to the "Nom Nom Nom" song and watching a chubby Pilgrim eat the heck out of Turkey guts and slowly increase in size. Play it if you're looking for a good laugh.

Number 4: Abobo's Big Adventure
This game was mentioned in Game Informer a time. It was called, "The ultimate tribute to the NES." It sure as heck was. In Abobo's Big Adventure, you play in styles of countless NES style games with twists of Memes, other games being integrated, and just plain ol' funniness. If you like to play as giant men named Abobo with large biceps, you need to play this game. YOU NEED TO. The fact this was so memorable though, is how games were integrated and how their glitches were too. In the first level, a double dragon style Beat em' up, you can use the infamous elevator glitch to go up and find a party of other video game characters. I was laughing so hard, I could have cried.

Number 3: Monster's Den Chronicles
This spot was supposed to be for the game before it in the series, until this came out. This was just as memorable and even more. You control a whole party of adventurers as they go along hallways of dungeons, caves, whatever you want (As long as they get to kill stuff along the way). The game overall is just great fun and there's a whole lot of stuff you can do to customize your party and give them personalities. The combat in the game is very memorable and seems to resemble table top gaming like Dungeons and Dragons. Who knows, maybe if you play this game and like it, you'll start to want to play Dungeons and Dragons. The two are very the same I hear.

Number 2: Mud and Blood 2
 No pun intended on the 2 2s (he he, tutus). This game is BAWSS. You really don't need anything but a love for unfair war to love this game. I just can't stop myself from coming back to it monthly, weekly, and maybe daily. You control an army that has to defend a checkpoint against Nazi soldiers. You can send out French  Rebellion, to an epicly, over-sized tank. This game was so memorable because You could play it different ways every time and be successful, or fail miserably. That just made the urge to come back to it, even stronger than Monster's Den Chronicles. But what has a stronger Memory than this game... IT'S NUMBER 1!

Number 1:  Platform Racing 2
HECK YEAH. Platform Racing 2 is a 2D racing game with platforms being the main subject. You can create your own levels, play others' levels, level up, and level, level, level, LEVEL! There's a whole butt-load of content in this game and that just makes it all the more fun. It is so memorable because it was the first actually good flash game I've played. I also go back regularly to race with friends, build new tracks, and to see when PR3 is going to come out, because if they delay it 1 more time, i'm going to sacrifice a puppy to the Gamer Gods!

Thanks guys. That's it for my first Top Ten. Catch you later. :})

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