Thursday, July 12, 2012

Announcement: Idle Ninja

Hey all. Working on a top ten for you all right now. But in the mean time, I am announcing a new game that is in development that I am making. It's called Idle Ninja. It's obviously an Idle game, but in Idle Ninja, there's a bit more integration. You choose your ninja's gear, weapons, attacks and you send him/her off to train and you may compete in fighting tournaments, duels, competitions of other skills, and much other stuff. All while being Idle on your computer doing your homework, chatting on Skype, browsing on Facebook, or whatever you want to your leisure. This game does not a have a release date. It's in the very alpha stages so please wait for it, and also hold your horses for Tome of Runes and the countdown. I'm putting a lot of work on my shoulders. :D

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