Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top Ten Strongest Video Game Attacks (10-5)

Violence. Probably a part in most video games that makes us want to play them. It was also the main reason the ESRB began (Thank you Mortal Kombat). Fighting a battle is a key mechanic in games that a lot revolve around. Pokemon, Street Fighter, Castle Crashers are all of different genres, but are based around battle. Now when it comes to this battle, you gotta attack the bad guy right? Well with what? Something strategic, or something strong? The something strong is where I look toward, with my top ten strongest attacks in video games! THESE ARE THE FIRST 5!

Number 10: The Spirit Bomb
You know this list is gonna talk about real power when you have the epicness that is The Spirit Bomb at number 10. The Spirit Bomb comes from Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenakaichi 3, (say that 3 times fast 0_o) being Goku (GT)'s Ultimate Blast, it's really an overly-strong move. If you haven't heard of dragonball, you should have. You're looking up video game reviews and top 10s on the internet ROFL. This is the series' trademark attack besides the Kamehameha. Goku collects energy from the whole Galaxy and all of his allies give energy too, and a huge sphere of energy is created. HUGE. Goku then throws it overhead at a doomed foe and... BOOM. The enemy literally splits into smithereens. This attack changes the whole scenery of the level to a post apocalyptic looking one, is unblockable, deals a whopping 11050 damage that normally could wipe out a third of the foe's health and sometimes after powering up with secondary abilities can kill foes in one shot, and overall... is thrown by a child! Yeah, you fanboys can say technically no. BUT REALLY. The idea of a child being able to kill the strongest warriors in the universe with a giant shiny ball of destruction is very awkward. But it's fictional... right?

Number 9: Great Aether
Waaa? Great Aether is ahead of DBZ in strength of moves? I'm counting the power of the moves in the games, not in the animes :p. Anyway, Great Aether is Ike's Final Smash in our beloved Super Smash Bros Brawl. If you're lucky enough to get a smash ball, Ike does a number on however many competitors you rack up in the first swing of the Great Aether. He swifty slashes and does a firey wombo-combo of doom on the victims, all while saying "GuurEEEATT... AAEEETTTHHAAA!!!!!!!!" -Ike. This epic combo of flaming blade attacks deals around 70% damage and if you've only hit them a couple times before the attack and get them around 100% damage before the final slash... THEY'RE DEAD. This one is better in game than the spirit bomb because you can get multiple kills if you catch other foes in limbo. But really, Great Aether and The Spirit Bomb earned their spots on the list. Do you realize how many attacks their are in gaming that I could've chosen to put on the list?

Number 8: V-Create
What's V-Create you ask? Well, it was supposed to be the event Victini Pokemon's signature move. Until some geeks figured out Rayquaza could learn it, hinting that the scales on its head made a "V". But, this move makes the user's head engulfed in powerful flames shaped in a V. The user then charges and the V explodes with great force on the target. Now you may be thinking, "WHY DEH HECK IS DIS STUPID MOVE ON HEAR?" well, I have an alibi. Besides those unfair 1-hit KOs and suicide moves, this move has the most power out of any pokemon move EVAR. Yes. EVAR. Why didn't I choose the 1-hit KOs and suicide moves to be on the list instead of this? Well, what they have in strength, they lose in well... losing! A 1 hit KO example is fissure, fissure cannot hit targets 30 levels above the user and when even they are able to hit, it's an incredibly low chance for it to hit. Moves like explosion and self destruct are suicide. You can't use them in every situation, like when you're down to your last pokemon. But V-Create fits the material for a move you can use without dying or without fear of missing. This makes the move actually worth time to use. V-Create has 180 power, doesn't make you wait a turn to recharge, and looks BAWSS. The only bad thing about it is it decreases your defenses by 1 stage and decreases your speed a bit. But you won't need those anyway. This move has 95 accuracy, almost certain to hit and kill your target with a flaming depth charge of death. (I do count accuracy and the strength to live on after the attack as a factor of strength)

Number 7: Slice and Dice
DON'T HATE. I actually enjoy Runescape, which is where this gruesome attack comes from. Now, you may be thinking once again, (DA HECK, HOW IZ ROONSKAPE HAVIN A BETTAR ATTACK THEN MAH DBZ?!?!?) I once again have an alibi. This attack is the special attack of the Dragon Claws weapon. It hits your victim PHOAR TIMES. You can also use it TWICE. For a total of 8 hits even before your enemy realizes they're being killed. This attack is overkill. They'll be at 20% HP (if you have good stats) even before you get out the second dose of the slice and dice (Like the guy in the pic). Above that, it looks awesome. I've seen people rush in on an innocent dude with Slice and Dice while saying "U MAD BRO?!" just because of how unfairly strong it is. It boost your damage with every successful hit, hits 8 times, and looks crazy. What more can you ask of our friend the Dragon Claws?

Number 6: Mario's Foot of Death

Do I have to repeat myself? Because I won't anymore, I always have reasons! Mario's serial killing foot landing on anything from a jump is a goner. I know it doesn't kill spikies or hammer bros. in one hit, but that's because it doesn't make direct contact with creature Mario is trying brutally murder with his foot. SUMMARY OF THE FACTS: After Mario has removed armor/magical effects/defenses from any one creature, he jumps up and stomps on it. The victim lets out a shriek of pain, dies, and is hurtled through the ground and is sent to HELL. Mario, you're in between the harbringer of justice and the harbringer of death, it just depends on what you use that foot for.

Number 5: The Bomb Patch
Two pictures? Well I really couldn't find the explosion of the bomb in the game, but I believe this attack/pic to represent that you don't mess with the dude who has the bomb power in Kirby Air Ride. Kirby Air Ride is supposed to be a happy little racing game for children right? Well I bet it's teaching kids the secrets of nuclear warfare even before teenage years! In city trial mode, you must upgrade your machine in anyway possible to win in the upcoming arena, the bomb power up is an item patch with only one use, for only one reason; to destroy! When you receive the bomb patch, it's time for sabotage. You only have 1 bomb unlike in the other Kirby game. Well it's fair. Because this thing has a very large explosion zone, is hard to escape, takes out around a sixth/seventh of the city's surface, and damages your foes like crazy. After being injured by this bomb, you're going to need to find a new machine all over again, because your last one will already be smithereens. This attack is perfect to use when the clock is down to its final seconds, you can wipe out a whole game's worth of upgrades in one fell swoop.


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