Wednesday, July 4, 2012

iOS Review- Megaman 2

Hiya all! Welcome to 1-UP again, I'm Jeff. Back from a vacation that ended in widespread blackouts now. Man that sucked. Anyway, I'm back from that to reopen productivity on the site for your enjoyment. I'll voice my opinion on the Blue Bomber's return to the next generation in Megaman 2 on iOS (iPod/iPhone/Mobile Device).

Megaman 2 orignally released in the 80's. THAT DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T REVIEW IT. So shut cho face. Anyway, it released in the late 80's and was received very well, until Megaman was seen as a "Call Of Duty Franchise" where the developers just crapped out sequels every year with no new gaming mechanics and just barely adding on enough "new" content to be called a new game. Now Capcom, hungry for munnies, re-released Megaman 2 on the iPhone. What was it like? Probably one of the greatest emulated games ever. But if you haven't heard of Megaman, well... the story is pretty much able to be described in a single breath and is the same for every game. Nevertheless i'll tell it. There's these 2 guys in the year 20XX and one of them is called Dr. Light and the other is called Dr. Wily. Well, Dr. Light is real real suspicious of Dr. Wily and his "evil desires" so he makes a super robot called Megaman. Dr. Wily is then real real offended so he makes 8 robot masters to counteract the threat of Megaman, otherwise known as the blue bomber.  Megaman then has to defeat Dr. Wily and his 8 Robot Masters to "save the day" (?). Time to get down to what I'm supposed to talk about now.

Gameplay: The whole idea revolves around choosing a robot master to fight, going through their themed level, facing the robot master, getting their power, and using it the next level. Sorta like a Kirby theme, you kill your foes and take their powers. But in Megaman, you can switch to powers whenever you want if you have ammunition for them. The enemies that litter the levels before the robot masters can be annoying (especially the bats in Woodman's stage), but provide a good challenge for weapon switching and finding new methods to dispatch of foes. The Robot Masters' and the Bosses' attacks and powers provide a good challenge for all players on all difficulties and the levels are designed as very well made platformers. Puzzles may be integrated into the levels and the theme of the Robot Masters is integrated as well. Like in Quickman's stage, you must be quick to dodge in lasers coming down from the top of the stage. Overall, Megaman 2's port to the iOS retains the same gameplay with lots of nostalgia as a bonus.

Graphics: Wonderful pixelated environments accompanied by creative robots, obstacles and explosions. The blue bomber yet again keeps his record with 80's standard graphics.

Music: The Chiptune music for Megaman is unforgettable and and action of the game amplifies the awesome energy that it gives you. Add in a few "pew pews" of the lasers and you got yourself Nostalgia Gumbo. You may even have people look over your shoulders in a Nostalgic stare if you have the speaker on. :)

Controls: If you have beefy fingers, the Portrait Display of the screen may not work, but you can always switch it to landscape. Both of these control sets work, they just may make you miss-move if you've got large fingers.

Fun: Yes, it very much is. Emulated games are not always received well among fanboys of the series, but this one is a great exception because, it pretty much is the same as the first one, but feels fresh and fun all over again. It's also a wonderful chance to introduce a new generation to the fun that is Megaman.

Result: Overall... 9.2/10 (A)
Megaman's triumphant return to the iPhone is a great emulator of a great game. Has awesome music, original art, decent controls, good concept, and lots of weapons. It may suffer from the weak parts of the story like Dr. Wily always getting away, and not much plot. But really makes up for it in a nostalgic gameplay like no other. I strongly urge you to go on the App Store right now and pay as much as you do for a candy bar (99 cents) for a great game like this if you've played it before or are looking into classic gaming.

This has been another 1-UP Games review. C U L8ER. :D

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