Sunday, August 5, 2012

iOS Review- Pocket Legends

Welcome to 1-Up's Pocket Legends review. Have you seen our new Pageview feature? It's pretty cool. Now having over 100 views, it's time for a special. I hope this site becomes legendary among gamers, so I'm reviewing quite a legendary game for iOS; POCKET LEGENDS. It's okay if you haven't heard of this game, it's becoming a legend as we speak, getting more popular and more popular. But here's my take on it.

Pocket Legends is a 3D MMO on the iPhone for hardcore hack'n slash gamers. It happens to be the world's largest MMO on your phone. The idea of it is the world of Alterra needs heroes to help the Elf Queen in battle against enemy forces. Kinda cliche, but nevertheless a decent plot for mobile RPG. Anyway, through a quirky and battle filled adventure, you have a fun time. Here's some specific points about the game now ;).

Gameplay (7.5/10): Gameplay is average on this game. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to run through dungeons while murdering zombies, but may become repetitive without trying to use new styles or not using new skills and armor and such.  The gameplay consists of creating your character's race, (which is automatically paired with a class) you may choose the Avian, the bird archer, the Elf, the long-earred mage, or the Ursan, the bear berserker. After creating your character, learn to fight hack'n slash style, learn to use items, and learn to level up. Your choice of play after freedom is awarded for completing the tutorial is spelunking dungeons with groups of random people, or your friends, doing quests, or playing PVP minigames and such. The gameplay really is RPG integrated with party-style hack n' slash, but really suffers from *nervous gulp* being a free app... Which means that there's a certainty that it'll try to spam you to get in-app purchases. Well, Pocket Legends doesn't do this as much as the next guy, but it shows yo the benifits of what you could be using/buying. One plus to it though is that there are offers to earn in-app purchase currency, but it doesn't work all the time, the offers usually space out and then for doing the task asked, you don't get anything... Just really, make it a paid app so you don't have to spam us to buy your worthless currency. I like that it's free, but remove the purchasable currency. Just make one currency, coins!

Graphics (8.2/10): Pocket Legends' graphics are not much to look at, but provide for a feel of fun, toony battles. These graphics are 3D, so they still have more potential within them. Overall, decent.

Music (7.6/10): Music loops keep the theme of the dungeon raiding and towns, but they're not very memorable in any sort. Rather, you would like to have your own music playing in the background than the fantasy music loops.

Controls (9/10): The controls stay true to iOS hack n' slash and are successful, but the all text coming down from the sides and having the inability to map more than 4 skills make the controls suffer.

Fun (8.6/10): This game is great fun. If you're a fan of gauntlet or other hack n' slashers on your iOS device, you'll love pocket legends. This game really needs improvement on some levels, like the story and controls, but really needs more immersing material.

Result: Overall... 8.2/10 (B)
Pocket Legends needs a lot more than it has and needs changes badly, but the way it is, is great. Get it today, it's free. You may also get it on the chrome web store for free. It's really awesome fun on your phone for any hardcore gamer and is a great 3D MMO game. Hopefully, Spacetime studios will understand and update the game to make it better (which they do often) but this game really begs for certain updates, and more players.

Thanks for reading this 100th view special! This is Jeff  for a 1-Up games review, bye!

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