Monday, August 6, 2012

Super Nintendo Review- Killer Instinct

I can see we're getting quite a few views! Yay! I'm happy that people like reading the stuff I put out on here, after all, I do work hard! Getting on, I received a very much awesome game that left me thinking "WHAT." after I played it. I got it from eBay, where I get most of my classic titles. This epic game is Killer Instinct for the Super Nintendo.

Killer Instinct was a 2D fighter in the 90's that hoped to ride off the success of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat in the 80's. It was made by Rareware, a quite amazing company that made many cult classics such as Conker's Bad Fur Day and Diddy Kong Racing. Strangely though, their name vanished from the good side of games in the early 2000's when Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was made. It's good though that Killer Instinct was one of the coolest games they've made though, before the... dark times of Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. Killer Instinct is my favorite of the 90's fighting game, with a tie of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat in second place. That means that it's a pretty darn good game. Here's the specifics.

Gameplay (9.1): Pretty solid gameplay for a 90's fighter. Innovation on the game was that there are no rounds to win, just 1. But each player gets 2 bars of health/energy, think of getting beaten to your second health bar as losing 50% of health or getting bloodied. Fights are timed,  and attacks are classified the same way as in street fighter, there's a weak kick/punch, a medium kick/punch, and a strong kick/punch. Progressively decreasing in speed with the power of the attack. There are 11 characters, each with a specific    move set holding to some basic rules. You may remember this game from the combo breaker meme, it is the bearer of the combo breaker meme. This  game's announcer takes its combos seriously. ULLLTRRRAA! SUPERRRRR COOMBO!!!!! K-K-K-K-KOMBO BREEEEAKAARR!!!! Not lying here bro. (But as I always say) Overall it's a derivative in combat to Street Fighter, and takes things like fatalities from Mortal Kombat. Things it could use are some of the things that it had in the arcade version. I feel a little gypped because I saw the arcade version compared to the SNES port, and the arcade version had a little more quality!

Graphics (9): For what it has to work with, Killer Instinct's port did a great job with graphics, almost looking 3D on 2D environments. Yet again though, the arcade version had 3D panning and zooming environments. So I feel like I could be playing something a little better when I do play Killer Instinct. But really, nice job on the graphics Rareware.

Music (8.6): Not very memorable because the music is constantly clouded by the rushing of punches and yelps of pain, but when you and your foe are at a stare down, it provides a "CRAP JUST GOT REAL." feeling. Good.

Controls (8.4): When I first played, I didn't know that L R were for weak punches and kicks. It's kind of an awkward place to keep punches and the controller feels a little crowded because you practically use every single button for some kind of action, but it makes up for it that you may change the controls in the menu to whatever you wish.

Fun (9.2): Awesome fun for parties, there's a tournament mode to battle everyone in a congregation, also a competitive 2 player mode that  feels great when you land a hit, but you reel in pain IRL when you get hit in the game. Very intense and great fun. Was the Super Smash Bros of its time. You can't play it forever though, it gets repetitive after a long time of playing, but that's only a small minus to a very fun game as this.

Result: Overall... 8.9/10 (B+)
Killer Instinct is a fine game that needs polish and maybe a little more bells and whistles. Not  much more to say but it's a great game. Get it if you love 2D fighters, liked the arcade version, or are just a classic gamer :).

Thanks for reading another 1-Up Games review. -Jeff

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