Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top Ten Strongest Video Game Attacks (4-1)

Continuing the last segment of this whopper of a countdown we have... NUMBUH PHOAR! (Only 90's kids will understand that)

Number 4: Unrelenting Force
This epic attack and meme come from The Elder Scrolls V. "FUS RO DAH" is what Dovakiin screams when using it, then everything flies away as if he just won the worlds loudest belching contest. The group of foes who fly backward can take damage by getting shot into walls, or falling to their death in canyons and such. This attack also has a very fast reload time for a dragon shout, so may be spammed in fashion to troll enemies. Overall, it's not a very damaging attack, but is extremely intimidating and may be used wisely to instantly kill foes. This attack is force push multiplied by Chuck Norris. Yes-sir-ee... you don't give crap to Dovakiin, or he'll ragdoll you into a canyon. For which some reason, not many are able to survive in...

Number 3: Hadouken Fireball Gun
Megaman was a nice series, Megaman X was a BAWSS series. The Hadouken Gun from Megaman X is obtained through a cheat on Armored Armadillo's level. It kills every enemy (except vile) in one hit... It's like a better version of the metal blade gun, to you Megaman 2 fans. What you need to do, is hit down, right, and shoot to use it, which is a nice tip of a hat to Street Fighter 2. Also Megaman says "Hadoookeen!" while using it to even add more of the fun factor. Nothing much really more to say about the Hadouken gun except it's the kind of cheat you want to show to your friends and say, "See! I told you so and showed you so... ha!" Oh and by the way, killing any foe in one hit is nice too...

Number 2: Full Tension Gigagash
Sorry about the photo quality, but Gigagash is the super ultimate sword ability from Dragon Quest 9. The uiltimate one is Gigaslash, but Gigagash (the super ultimate one) is double the power of Gigaslash. Gigagash attacks all of the enemies with crazy powerful light damage and being at full tension, it multiplies the damage tenfold. If you also have a Mage or Armamentalist in your party, you may use Oomph to increase the user's base attack power and if the user is a Gladiator, use double up to exchange some of your defense for attack. Overall, this attack is all about damage. It is even very effective without buffs, but pretty much, you can anihilate anything with it. The only downside is the MP cost, not many sword wielders have high MP, so you may not be able to spam it unless you take up a vocation that boosts your MP.

Number 1: Gravity Hammer Smash
What's the Gravity Hammer Smash you may ask? Well it's a term for repeatedly using Halo 3's gravity hammer on scared victims. I'm not a big fan of first person shooters, but this has to be the strongest attack in a video game ever (arguably). It does <230+ damage and when you smash it into something, bodies will not hit the floor, they will hit the sky! It gets the fun of watching your victims ragdoll into the air from Fus Ro Dah, and you get the raw power of Gigagash. I mean, just look in this picture! This guy with the futuristic laser axe (Gravity Hammer) literally destroyed this Jeep in one hit. I need to repeat again how fun it is to watch groups of victims fly into the air faster than team rocket. It's the overall strongest video game attack I've seen.

THANKS FOR READING THIS TOP TEN! Comment about your favorite strongest video game attacks! This is Jeff for 1-Up Games, signing off!

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